Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit

Toyota Tacoma 2016-2020 Flash kit

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 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 2GRFKS Tuning Package


Complete package including:

- Software for flashing

- Software License for your Vehicle

- OBDII Cable for flashing

- Free Updates  - 1.05 update included, 2.0 beta for 2019+



There are several active / open RECALLS AND TSBs Available for these trucks depending upon the year.

It is important to ensure YOUR TRUCK has had all of these TSBs and recalls performed prior to installing our tune. This way you will get the most benefits of tuning and least amount of issues.

A list has been provided of all known TSBs and Recalls we are aware of, including issues customers have reported to us:

affecting some models, please verify for your specific vehicle.

The list shown here is not the complete list. This is just a known list for ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION RELATED COMPONENTS. These affect drivability. We do not know all TSB numbers. PLEASE CONFIRM WITH YOUR DEALER OR TOYOTA!

2016-2017 TSBs: ECU / TCU Reflash idle Surging T-SB-0125-18

2016-2017 TSBs : ECU / TCU Reflash Drivability enhancements: T-SB-0077-16

2016-2017 TSB: ECU / TCU Reflash for Torque Converter Shutter, Stalling on full throttle, etc : T-SB-0062-18

2016-2017 TSB: High pressure Fuel Pump chirping T-SB-0062-18

2018 AT TSB : ECU / TCU Reflash for Torque converter shutter, surging, stall at wide open throttle

2016-2018 MT : ECU Reflash for Drivability

2019 AT : Millimeter Radar sensor - ECU / TCU Reflash

2019 AT Recall : Fuel Pump Failure during driving

2019 MT: ECU Reflash For enhanced Drivability (04B41)


*************** This is not a complete list ****************

**************** Some of these TSBs must be performed to use our product *************





*** Caution, by using our product and not having all recalls, TSBs, updates, etc performed, including staying up to date on our latest release, drivability issues may or can occur. ***

Find more information here:








How It Works: 

- Once you receive our ECM Tuning Package you load our software to your windows laptop. (A windows laptop is required and not provided! WINDOWS XP IS NOT SUPPORTED!). You register your software and dump the binary contents of your stock ECU.  We then provide you a modified binary to load to the ECU with all of our latest developments. 

 *Requires some basic level of computer skills.





Emissions Testing - 

OUR Tacoma Calibration officially passes all Toyota Federal Emissions Compliance standards!  

We have taken our calibration, and tested it on a stock truck vs stock tune. We have recorded the measurements and are happy to see that our calibration exceeds all of Toyotas Federal Emissions standards.




Truck testing : 100% Bone stock 2017 Tacoma long bed. No modifications. Stock Tires.

Testing included :
- Stock ECU 04B03 (PRE TSB File)
- Tuned 04B04 Performance version 87 octane
- Acoustic Valve Control Tuning - Optimal Torque point.

Our Goal: Ensure we can provide the absolute BEST calibration for these trucks possible, even under strict octane requirements. More and more people want performance without paying at the pump. So we sought out to ensure that you are losing nothing by running 87 octane.

Next we sought out to tune the Acoustic Valve control. We all know that sudden "surge" in power about half way through the RPM band. Well this is the Acoustic Valve control activation.
The ACIS has a 2 phase point, and has more than 1 RPM activation point depending on "low and High" opening / activation.

First we began by testing some slight RPM adjustments, and were able to eliminate the torque hole where the stock activation takes place.

Through further adjustments we were able to create a torque spike, but this is from a surge in manifold turbulence and you can see the resulting slope and recover afterwards. Not really ideal for tuning or driving.

Finally after multiple tests we found the most IDEAL location (which is NOT stock) to create more torque in the lower RPM while reducing the torque slope after activation.
You can see below, and we further smoothed this through changes to intake valve timing (which does NOT reduce any torque)

Finally, our resulting changes.
-04B04 Performance 87 octane with the new ACIS tuned point

This is a tuned gain with 87 octane that will provide real world results where the truck is driven and needed the most.
Include gear locking, and you've got more than 50 ft lbs available at 4100 RPM, tested. This is an absolute requirement for anyone who would like to tow WITHOUT having the engine screaming at 5000 RPM.
(for people who are already on 04B04, testing results ~20-22 ft lbs)

Final result:


This is our 87 octane performance tune vs 87 octane stock tune
Through extensive testing, and months of development we have found, tested, and ensured we can continue to provide the absolute best, unmatched, calibration for these trucks possible.
This includes development and testing for things that we had listed to do outside of our 1.05 release,
- Acoustic Valve Tuning
- Additional Intake and Exhaust Valve tuning to match new ACIS tuned points
- Focusing on improving our 87 octane tune
- Lower RPM torque gains are made NOT through ANY ignition or fueling changes. ONLY through modifications to throttle, torque, and shift limitations.


How It Works: 

- Once you receive our ECM Tuning Package you load our software to your windows laptop. (A windows laptop is required and not provided! WINDOWS XP IS NOT SUPPORTED!). You register your software and dump the binary contents of your stock ECU.  We then provide you a modified binary to load to the ECU with all of our latest developments. 


Things that are calibrated in this tune are and what they do :


Throttle response  and Throttle Curve 


Valve Timing - Torque 


Torque control maps - Shifting control, Shift firmness, 

Torque request maps - maximum allowable torque

Shift control maps - upshift and downshift control maps for every gear. Dynamically changes driving experience

Ignition Timing - Torque, Horsepower, Smoother power delivery

Fuel Mapping - Torque 

and much more


HP / TQ gains: 15-20 focused in mid range (2500-4500 RPM)

TQ gains of 20-30+ ft lbs at 3200 RPM

Peak top end HP gains 10-17HP (measured at wheel) (stock vehicle 91 octane)

 Fueling :
- Clean up fueling on high Octane 91/93 tunes >
Power demand, better AFR. Fuel Tables have been modified for high octane tunes to run closer to peak torque under high load / acceleration :
AFR image 1.jpg

Shift Locking Control (trucks with lack of low rpm acceleration, heavy weight) >
Modification made to Torque Lock in 4th, 5th, 6th, so that under low throttle scenario the TQ will lock, and when the accelerator is quickly pressed the TQ will unlock, without gear change up to 2000 RPM. (blue accelerator change, red lock, green unlock). Allows for change in acceleration without shift
Load Reduction.jpg

Patch notes -
Patched Throttle Control Code and tune
Throttle control has been modified to eliminate and reduce any stock throttle angle limits.
Log snip below shows no throttle limit in any gear while using GEAR LOCKING.
Throttle testing conducted in 1rst through 5th gear with 5th gear as low as 2000 RPM
5th and 6th gear FULL LOCK Full throttle patch-

Engine Load Patch -
Engine load control has been modified to allow for reduced peak engine load

Engine Power AFR - 13s - high 12.7 (high RPM)



With our new flash Manager release comes two new tunes for the AT.
1. Revised Base (mpg)
2. Performance ( 87, 91, 93)

The revisions to our base mpg file (which is the file that has been released) changes: idle target speed, ignition timing, valve timing slightly, and a few other controls to mitigate issues on some trucks that have mis-fires during cold start. Along with fixing unstable idle on some ECUs.

Regarding performance version:
There will be 3 versions (based on octane).
87 Octane Performance version does not add power except for higher RPM.

Changes made to the performance version:
- Revised Shift scheduling and Revised downshift controls for D mode.
- 6800 RPM rev / Shift limiter in 1rst and 2nd gear. - Datalog below shows that 2nd gear @ 6800 RPM = 70mph.
- Ignition timing curve has been completely recalibrated for performance, and as a result from 5000 to 6800 rpm is much more responsive. Wheel spin is a concern above 5500 RPM.

Data-Log test results
Cold engine misfire count (taken with techstream)
A maximum of 4 misfires counted during a 12 minute drive from cold engine (35* outside)
(Gap in log is where truck was shut off, restarted and drove aggressively)

Knock Control on Performance version (93 octane test)
A maximum of 1.2* of knock retard recorded (Before KCS learning curve applied) with KCS @ 30+
Ignition curve is smooth and increasing with RPM as seen. This 1* of knock will be trimmed out with later driving.

Ignition Curve -
Our Performance oriented Ignition curves targets a maximum of 31* peak advance at WOT. Producing as much power as possible with pump gas.

Performance Testing - Highway Speed:
As you can see here you can reach 70MPH in 2nd gear with our new performance map at 6800 rpm.
1rst gear is very aggressive up top, so we caution you to take some time to get used to it.
3rd gear and above are limited to stock shift limit @ 5800

At operating temperature with aggressive and highway driving zero misfires were counted.

Knock control working properly adding and reducing based on immediate feedback. Other than some tip-in low RPM knock which is extremely common on high compression engines these days, knock is almost non existent or within an acceptable 1* reduction range.

Fuel Pressure stays above 2500 PSI during long, high load pulls. (2nd gear - highway - 68000 RPM)

Camshaft timing -
Camshaft timing has been modified slightly for better knock control.

Performance version is very likely the tune that people are wanting when it comes to more response, with a minimal decrease in mpg.
Performance version of the tune does drive exceptionally on the highway, however due to the changes to the tune, you may not see as much MPG (especially city driving) as the base - MPG oriented version of the tune.

Check out our development thread on Tacomaworld:


3rd Gen Tacoma 2GR FKS Automatic Transmission
1.02 Update Changes -
Throttle - Minor
- Torque translation for load (incremental)
Fuel - Minor
- mild enhancements to fuel above 5000 RPM
Valve Timing - Major
-Intake camshaft valve timing adjustment through the complete range of RPM from moderate to high load. Smoother Valve timing transitions from part throttle to higher throttle / high load.
- Completely recalibrated Intake vale timing from 2000 RPM to rev limit
- 4500-6500 RPM Intake valve timing calibrated for peak possible top end
- 4500-6000 RPM Exhaust Valve timing recalibrated to sync with intake
- Valve Timing globally adjusted for smoother moderate to high load response
- 1000-1500 RPM intake valve timing adjusted
Ignition - Minor
- slight changes to ignition
16 Way Calibration Throttle Progression Control - Major
- Major update to 16 way Throttle control for high / moderate throttle "snap" (response)
16 Way Shift Torque Learning - Major
-16 Way Shift learn maps condensed (to 10) D mode shift enhanced (see below)






 *This product is for one vehicle only (including one license for that vehicle). Can't be used on multiple vehicles.


*Product packaging images are for illustrative & information purposes only and may differ from the actual product. These are for reference only and should be considered illustrative and informative.