Toyota Tacoma 2GRFKS Calibration Kit

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                                              Toyota Tacoma 3rd GEN 3.5L V6

                                                            2GR FKS Engine 

                                                            Engine remapping 

                                        Transmission remapping (automatic trans)

Current Shipment timeframe on kits is 2-3 weeks from order. This is a heavy volume product and sells out FAST.


HP / TQ gains: 20-30 focused in mid range (2500-4500 RPM)

TQ gains of 35+ ft lbs at 3200 RPM

Peak top end HP gains 7-9HP (measured at wheel) (stock vehicle 91 octane)


changes include

Throttle remapping

gearbox load remapping (auto transmission)

Throttle target / load target (ECT mode, non ECT mode)

i-Throttle intelligent mapping

Ignition timing - KC control

Fuel Mapping

Camshaft / Valve Timing (Atkinson mode)

Camshaft / Valve Timing (Load mode)

and more


Kit includes:

- USB OBD Reflash and datalog cable

- USB software security module

- Software license

- OVTune Alpha 1.01 Reflash Calibration + custom tuning / updates

- Customized tuning

- 91 / 93 octane

 Not included but required for software:

Mobile computer / tablet with 2 USB ports (or a splitter) with windows XP through 10 (windows XP or higher)

                               OVTune Alpha 1.01 Reflash- stock vehicle 91 octane



Check out our development thread on Tacomaworld:



Upcoming calibration updates for our Alpha Cal :


Automatic Transmisison Vehicle

We have full control over shift points / shift RPM selection / timers for every gear. We can adjust the way the car shifts and when.
ECT mode - Our tune enables a more aggressive version of ECT mode throttle mapping.
i-Throttle torque calibration (throttle limitation adjustments)
D mode - throttle enhancements for D mode, upshift controls
Complete ignition control (including ignition stepper / multiplication control)
Complete Valve timing Control
Fueling control for lambda request (constant Close loop)

upcoming update 1.02-
upshift control - enable firmer shifting and faster shifting. Less upshift time delay
D mode shift map fine tuning
Valve timing / Cam control update (read bottom)

Manual Transmission Vehicle

Manual transmission owners should be happy to hear that calibrating this is much easier than the automatic!
We have already tested and confirmed 16 way Torque manipulation controls without any Torque of i-Throttle errors
complete control over ALL target throttle angles simplified into a single 3D map - 100% confirmed

Complete control over calculated torque for throttle opening - 100% confirmed
Complete Valve Timing Control
Complete ignition control (including stepper / multiplication control)
Complete fueling control
Complete Maximum allowable Torque 16 way control - 100% confirmed

(the information in bold is especially important due to the complexity of the calibration to make this work flawlessly. This is TBA on the automatic for complete implementation since throttle logic is different)

upcoming update 1.02:
Per gear rev limit - (testing)
Rev hang (testing)
Idle ignition stability
valve timing Cam / control update

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