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Toyota Prado CHINA 3.5L ECM TCU Tuning Package
Toyota Prado CHINA 3.5L ECM TCU Tuning Package

Toyota Prado CHINA 3.5L ECM TCU Tuning Package

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 Toyota  3.5L 2GRFKS Tuning Package

Complete package

-Note this calibration now also supports Asia Calibration 3.5L Toyota Prado, South America / Mexico Toyota Tacoma 3.5L, and others with the 2GR- FKS Engine 


OUR Tacoma Calibration officially passes all Toyota Federal Emissions Compliance standards! 



Latest release 1.04 Calibration has shown 25+ HP with 91 octane on a stock vehicle (stock induction, stock exhaust)



  • OVTune Flash ECM Software
  • OVTune Calibration for latest release (1.04)
  • Single Vehicle License 
  • OVTune Flash kit Pouch
  • OVTune Rev3 Flash Cable 


How It Works: 

- Once you receive our ECM Tuning Package you load our software to your windows laptop. (A windows laptop is required and not provided! WINDOWS XP IS NOT SUPPORTED!). You register your software and dump the binary contents of your stock ECU.  We then provide you a modified binary to load to the ECU with all of our latest developments. 


Things that are calibrated in this tune are and what they do :


Throttle response  and Throttle Curve 


Valve Timing - Torque 


Torque control maps - Shifting control, Shift firmness, 

Torque request maps - maximum allowable torque

Shift control maps - upshift and downshift control maps for every gear. Dynamically changes driving experience

Ignition Timing - Torque, Horsepower, Smoother power delivery

Fuel Mapping - Torque 

and much more


HP / TQ gains: 15-20 focused in mid range (2500-4500 RPM)

TQ gains of 20-30+ ft lbs at 3200 RPM

Peak top end HP gains 7-9HP (measured at wheel) (stock vehicle 91 octane)



                               OVTune Alpha 1.01 Reflash- stock vehicle 91 octane



Check out our development thread on Tacomaworld: 




3rd Gen Tacoma 2GR FKS Automatic Transmission
1.02 Update Changes -
Throttle - Minor
- Torque translation for load (incremental)
Fuel - Minor
- mild enhancements to fuel above 5000 RPM
Valve Timing - Major
-Intake camshaft valve timing adjustment through the complete range of RPM from moderate to high load. Smoother Valve timing transitions from part throttle to higher throttle / high load.
- Completely recalibrated Intake vale timing from 2000 RPM to rev limit
- 4500-6500 RPM Intake valve timing calibrated for peak possible top end
- 4500-6000 RPM Exhaust Valve timing recalibrated to sync with intake
- Valve Timing globally adjusted for smoother moderate to high load response
- 1000-1500 RPM intake valve timing adjusted
Ignition - Minor
- slight changes to ignition
16 Way Calibration Throttle Progression Control - Major
- Major update to 16 way Throttle control for high / moderate throttle "snap" (response)
16 Way Shift Torque Learning - Major
-16 Way Shift learn maps condensed (to 10) D mode shift enhanced (see below)