Q50 Q60 VR30 EcuTek Calibration Kit + Tune

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  • $ 779.99

OrangeVirus Tuning Now offers a Remote Tuning Package for the Nissan Infiniti Q50/Q50 SilverSport, RedSport VR30DDTT Twin Turbo 3.0L Engine.

  • EcuTek Remote Tuning Kit
  • Fast Flash
  • RaceRom Security
  • Enhanced Datalogging and more!

Tuning changes can Include:

  • Transmission Shift adjustment with torque management
  • Torque management
  • Boost Pressure
  • Fueling targets
  • Direct Injection control
  • Electronic Intake Camshaft control
  • Variable Exhaust Valve Camshaft Control
  • Ignition Timing

Please Note: All Products sold here unless specifically stated as "CARB APPROVED" are for OFF-ROAD USE Only. Under no circumstance can our products be use to circumvent any form of emissions control and are intended for non emissions controlled or restricted vehicles. Unless specifically stated, our calibrations are non- carb approved and cannot be used on a on public highways. All diagnostic , tuning, calibration tools (hardware) files (software) licensing (software) datalogging (software) is for race vehicle use. See our terms page for more information: https://www.ovtuned.com/pages/about-us