Lexus RCF ECU Tune Package 2015+

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Lexus RCF ECU tune Package

Package includes:

  • OBDII Cable for Reflashing the ECU
  • USB Software License Key
  • Datalogging and Flashing Software
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Please Note: Due to toyota hardware based reflashing protection, some RC and IS ECUs are required to be data-dumped manually for the initial tune build.

What this means is that there is a possibility your ECU would need to be shipped to us for an initial data dump. Every instance afterwards, the ECU can be flashed through the OBDII port and never has to be removed from the Vehicle again.

If this is the case, We offer 1 day turn around and overnight Shipment return (48 state USA) for minimal vehicle down time.

What Goes into this tune? What is adjusted?

  • Ignition Timing
  • Variable Valve timing
  • Fueling and Fuel compensations

Transmission Shift Maps & Shift Calculations

  • Throttle mapping adjustments
  • Torque demand and limitations and more

What are the expected gains?

  • You can expect on a 100% stock vehicle with 91 octane
  • 14-18 Horsepower / 8-10 ft lbs (higher with 93 is possible)





Please Note: Normal shipment time on remote flashing tools can vary based on our License dongle stock. Average ETA is same week as when the order is placed.

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