Lexus RC200T ECU and Transmission Tune Package 2016+

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Lexus RC200T 2.0L Turbocharged ECU Tune Package

Package includes:

  • OBDII Cable for Reflashing the ECU
  • USB Software License Key
  • Datalogging and Flashing Software

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Please Note: Required but not included: Windows Laptop

How it works:

  • We will provide you with our reflashing software that you install onto your computer.
  • Using the provided OBDII cable and USB License key, you will connect to your vehicle and run the software
  • From there you will download your stock ECUs data (Engine and transmission Data)
  • Then, we will send you a modified version of this data, which we have tuned.
  • Our software also provides diagnostics and datalogging capability. You may use the software to datalog the cars internal parameters and record them. You send these records to us, we modify the tune further to "dial it in" for maximum safe power.

What type of things are changed?

  • Boost Pressure - From stock 15psi to 19psi
  • Ignition timing - Ignition is modified to take maximum effective use of premium octane fuel (91,92,93, 95)
  • Air fuel - Air fuel ratios are modified to provide better power without excessive enriching in high RPM
  • Rev limiter- Rev limit can be adjusted up to 7000 RPM
  • Valve timing -  Modified Camshaft valve timing to increase MPG, response, torque and top end horsepower

What are the expected gains?

  • You can expect on a 100% stock vehicle with 91 octane
  • 30-40 Horsepower / 45-60+ ft lbs (higher with 93 is possible)

Our tune eliminates mid-range throttle reduction. The stock ECU limits throttle from 2000 RPM to 4000 RPM to 30% to create a "flat" torque curve. But in reality all it creates is less power!. Our tune allows for FULL THROTTLE EVERY TIME!

Please Note: Normal shipment time on remote flashing tools can vary based on our License dongle stock. Average ETA is same week as when the order is placed. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR ECU FOR THIS TUNE. THIS IS A COMPLETE TUNE FOR THE ECU (ENGINE) AND TCU (TRANSMISSION)

Transmission Map Tune:

  • FASTER SHIFTING - Modified shift timers
  • FASTER RESPONSE - Modified shift pressure
  • NO SHIFT LAG - Modified shift delay timer
  • TORQUE OUTPUT CONTROL - No power loss through and more

All diagnostic , tuning, calibration tools (hardware) files (software) licensing (software) datalogging (software) is for race vehicle use. See our terms page for more information Click Here

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