Infiniti EcuTek Calibration kit

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EcuTek Calibration for the Nissan VQ37 Engine

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This is for the VQ 3.7L engines ONLY for these models.

Tuning Package Includes:

  • EcuTek Programming kit
  • Ecutek Programming License for 1x Vehicle ECM
  • Custom Naturally Aspirated tune on Petrol / Gasoline (Ethanol option available)
  • RaceRom Feature Support
  • Free Retuning for Modification changes (subject to certain modifications like intake / exhaust)
  • Stock Mapping

Custom RaceRom Tuning Features include:

  • *note some RaceRom Features are only available on MT transmission vehicles*
  • Expected Power increase on Premium Octane Fuel (91/93)
  • 15-35HP, 10-20 ft lbs

What Is adjusted in the tune?

We have taken the time to fully develop our VQ37 Calibration

We include changes like:

  • AFR control, RaceRom Full time Close Loop With FailSafe
  • Ignition Timing Advance calibration 
  • Valve Lift Event and Valve Phase adjustments *within safe paramters.
  • Rev Limiter 
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Fuel Calibration and aditional fueling compensations
  • Torque Output / Demand and much more.
Please click on the links to the right to see the available software features, such as Tunable Parameters and Live Data

OrangeVirus Tuning now offers Nissan EcuTek Tuning support. We are a EcuTek Master Tuner.

Please Note: All Products sold here unless specifically stated as "CARB APPROVED" are for OFF-ROAD USE Only. Under no circumstance can our products be use to circumvent any form of emissions control and are intended for non emissions controlled or restricted vehicles. Unless specifically stated, our calibrations are non- carb approved and cannot be used on a on public highways. All diagnostic , tuning, calibration tools (hardware) files (software) licensing (software) datalogging (software) is for race vehicle use. See our terms page for more information: