Honda Civic Si EcuTek Tuning Kit

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  • $ 510.00

OrangeVirus Tuning Now offers a Remote Tuning Package for the Honda Civic Si K20 2006-2013


  • EcuTek Remote Tuning Kit
  • Fast Flash
  • RaceRom Security
  • Enhanced Datalogging and more!
  • Custom maps
  • 4 way live map switching (4 tunes in one)


OVTune is proud to announce that we are now offering EcuTek Remote Flash Kits for the Honda Civic Si K20 2006+


Each Kit comes with a FREE Base Map of your choice :

( note that this tuning software does NOT allow end-user tuning for YOUR safety, the Honda ECU is an extremely complex calibration to master with multi-tiered Valve and ignition control based on valve angle. ONLY expert tuners are advised in adjusting such parameters)

- 91 octane base map (stock or full FBO)

- 93 octane base map (stock or full FBO)

Each map can be adjusted for basic modifications to full bolt ons. You may also, at any time upgrade to our custom datalogging tune that offers free updates for modification changes, and or our forced induction tuning.

Each map will come with your selection of RaceRom Features:

- VTEC Control adjustments (default)

-Accelerator trim (default)

- Launch control (optional)

- Autoblip downshift (optional)

- Custom parameter setup (for ECU Connect, optional)

- 4 way map switching (4 way tunes, optional)

- Special feature RaceRom Injector scaling (optional)


This kit is required for reflashing the ECU. The ECU Connect BlueTooth dongle is an optional upgrade for ECU Connect features and mapswitch modes controllable by your phone.


Tuning includes features like : MAF delete, Speed Density, Alpha N Throttle based tuning and much more

adjustable launch control and more.

Each mode can have preset parameters including which mode controls Speed Density (maf delete MAP sensor fueling) Alpha N (throttle base fueling for ITB, etc)




















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