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Tacoma 3.5L ECU / TCU Handheld Tuner
Tacoma 3.5L ECU / TCU Handheld Tuner
Tacoma 3.5L ECU / TCU Handheld Tuner
Tacoma 3.5L ECU / TCU Handheld Tuner

Tacoma 3.5L ECU / TCU Handheld Tuner

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-Note this calibration now also supports Asia Calibration 3.5L Toyota Prado, South America / Mexico Toyota Tacoma 3.5L, and others with the 2GR- FKS Engine 

OUR Tacoma Calibration officially passes all Toyota Federal Emissions Compliance standards!  



Latest release 1.04 Calibration has shown 25+ HP with 91 octane on a stock vehicle (stock induction, stock exhaust)



  • OVTune  Tacoma 3.5L handheld tuner with 1.05 Release tune software
  • Live data display option
  • free tuning updates
  • custom tuning not supported at this time.
  • OTS Development maps (1.05 release) for 87,91 and 93 octane


    Things that are calibrated in this tune are and what they do :


    Throttle response  and Throttle Curve 


    Valve Timing - Torque 


    Torque control maps - Shifting control, Shift firmness, 

    Torque request maps - maximum allowable torque

    Shift control maps - upshift and downshift control maps for every gear. Dynamically changes driving experience

    Ignition Timing - Torque, Horsepower, Smoother power delivery

    Fuel Mapping - Torque 

    and much more


    HP / TQ gains: 15-20 focused in mid range (2500-4500 RPM)

    TQ gains of 20-30+ ft lbs at 3200 RPM

    Peak top end HP gains 7-9HP (measured at wheel) (stock vehicle 91 octane)



                                   OVTune Alpha 1.01 Reflash- stock vehicle 91 octane



    Check out our development thread on Tacomaworld: 




    3rd Gen Tacoma 2GR FKS Automatic Transmission
    1.02 Update Changes -
    Throttle - Minor
    - Torque translation for load (incremental)
    Fuel - Minor
    - mild enhancements to fuel above 5000 RPM
    Valve Timing - Major
    -Intake camshaft valve timing adjustment through the complete range of RPM from moderate to high load. Smoother Valve timing transitions from part throttle to higher throttle / high load.
    - Completely recalibrated Intake vale timing from 2000 RPM to rev limit
    - 4500-6500 RPM Intake valve timing calibrated for peak possible top end
    - 4500-6000 RPM Exhaust Valve timing recalibrated to sync with intake
    - Valve Timing globally adjusted for smoother moderate to high load response
    - 1000-1500 RPM intake valve timing adjusted
    Ignition - Minor
    - slight changes to ignition
    16 Way Calibration Throttle Progression Control - Major
    - Major update to 16 way Throttle control for high / moderate throttle "snap" (response)
    16 Way Shift Torque Learning - Major
    -16 Way Shift learn maps condensed (to 10) D mode shift enhanced (see below)