2018 Toyota Camry Programming Kit

2018 Toyota Camry Programming Kit

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                                                            2GR FKS Engine 

                                                            Engine remapping 

                                        Transmission remapping (automatic trans)

Current Shipment timeframe on kits is 3-4 weeks from order. This is a heavy volume product and sells out FAST.


changes include

Throttle remapping

gearbox load remapping (auto transmission)

Throttle target / load target (ECT mode, non ECT mode)

i-Throttle intelligent mapping

Ignition timing - KC control

Fuel Mapping

Camshaft / Valve Timing (Atkinson mode)

Camshaft / Valve Timing (Load mode)

and more


Kit includes:

- USB OBD Reflash and datalog cable

- USB software security module

- Software license

- OVTune Alpha 1.01 standard Calibration 91 and 87 Octane 

- Customized tuning

- 91 / 93 octane

 Not included but required for software:

Mobile computer / tablet with 2 USB ports (or a splitter) with windows XP through 10 (windows XP or higher)