Tacoma Handheld Instructions

OVTune Tacoma 3.5L 2016+ Handheld Tuner instructions.


NOTE > It is important to know there are two versions of our handheld tuners. 1. is an Open based tuning solution (OFT) version, and another is an accessory version for customers with our OVTune Flash kit. 


How do you you know which one you have? 

The Accessory version was only sold to pre order customers and REQUIRES that you have our flash kit. These version handhelds will be setup only with the formal release of our 2.0 Calibration for the 3.5L Tacoma.

See instructions for that here



OVTune OFT Handheld Tuner Table instructions - DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE ACCESSORY HANDHELD

Download The handheld manager here:


Openflash has been kind enough to create an ENTIRE KNOWLEDGE BASE on how to use their handheld. 
Please head to their knowledge base to understand everything about using the OFT hardware (handheld)