"The Unicorn" Franco's 520WHP GTX3071R Speed3
Mathew from Ovtune is the most knowledgeable and professional tuner I know. After his tuning, I would never let someone else touch my car. Originally I was tuned by a nameless MSF forum tuner, on cobb. However my tune had random counts of knock, and an extremely shaky idle. Turns out I had a bent rod and eventually went ZZB!. After it was rebuilt I gave Mat a chance with his new tuning software. Immediately I noticed a huge difference. He was able to fully tune all idle ignition tables, shift ignition retard tables, and many other maps that don't exist in cobb. He was careful, meticulous, and explained the entire process to me. Not only did I learn things I hadn't known about the DISI platform, but I learned things about my car that I have never seen before. The difference in response compared to my cobb tune was shocking, to say the least. Mat went on to tune my car on 29 psi and 7500 RPM and it made 520WHP. The car ran perfectly, and felt unlike any tune I had previously had. The car ran like it was built by mazda from factory with 520whp.
Davids Boosted 2.0L Mazda 3 11psi
My experience with matt from orange virus tuning was great. A little background info is I bought a used turbo kit for my 09 mazda 3 2.0L. When I installed it I found out that the computer that came with the kit didn't work and this started my search for a new way to run my car with the turbo. I quickly came across Dynotronics but after emailing them I found they weren't very professional which lead me to doing research and found out that other people had problems with them aswell. I then found matt through facebook. He is well established in the mazda tuning group and so I emailed him with my dilemma. Matt was very quick to message me back and his professionalism and knowledge was extraordinary. He advised me that I would need to purchase mazdaedit and a new map sensor which he recommended the 3bar bosch tmap so I got it as he has tuned with it before. With all the info needed for him to make the base tune he sent me a base tune and we were started. Unfortunately this was not a smooth process as the first tune the car would not even start. Matt was fast to respond and send another tune and after a couple tunes and logs of it turning over he realized that a couple of things on the mazdaedit software were labeled incorrectly. Matt quickly got in contact with epifan and made me a tune that got the car running. Now that the car was running we sent a couple tunes back and forth and before I knew it I was driving the car on the road. Now is when Matt's expertise came into play as he took his time and didn't rush the tuning process. Tuning is something that can go very bad if done wrong or to fast as in it could mean needing a new motor.
After about 10 tunes of driving under 1-2psi we were ready for full boost pulls. Matt started with a very conservative tune with low ignition advance and lots of fuel to be very safe. After every log sent to him and the new tune he sent me I felt the difference every time. The difference was small but noticeable as this is a process that takes time to get it right. Overall I am very happy with the service I have received from Orange Virus Tuning. Car has tones of power now and has the driveability similar to stock if not better. If you're in the market for a tuner for your car definitely send him or Orange Virus Tuning a message. By David Barter
 Joey's 2.0L Track Skyactiv
I have a 2012 Mazda 3 with the 2.0L SkyActiv engine and 6AT. I began my tuning at a different company. When that tuner's integrity was questioned on the Mazda 3 forums, I stopped receiving updated calibrations. This left me with a partially complete tune so I decided to cut my losses and switch to Matt @ OV. 

There are two aspects of a tune - the performance and the customer service. OV excels at both. His tune feels more responsive and powerful, yet the engine vibration feels smoother. He is always responsive to emails and takes the time to answer your questions. Even if you're not after more power, the throttle response is much more linear, which makes it more intuitive when driving at the limit. While it takes time and money to go through the data logging process, the cost of the tune is well worth it, and I would recommend OV to anyone, especially if you have a SkyActiv engine.
 Laurent's 2.0L MZR OTS Tune
professional and knowledgeable. Always here to jump on any urgent question I might have. Had OVT tune on a 2.0 NA 2010 MZ3 at 50K miles and running it hard for almost 6k miles now, not a hiccup or issue. Still running as strong as day 1. The OVT team knows their stuff. THANKS!!!
 Gaby's 2.5L Skyactiv Mazda 3
They tuned my Mazda 3 and now its a lot more faster and responsive, love how my 0-60 go from 8 seconds to medium 6 seconds considerating that i'm at 5000fts over sea level. Maybe someone at sea level could acelerate a little bit harder. Another thing is that they put a lot of atention in the performance of your car for example during my tune i ask for more power in 1st and 2nd gear and they do it, and the reasson was because i didnt know that my speedometer has a variation in the current speed for the change of wheels but this helps a lot to make my car a much better when accelerating lol. Also i changed the octane of my gas, i start using 87octane with an octane booster and now i'm runing 91octane with an octane booster this because the gasoline of my country is a little bit bad. But here the point is that if you want a faster car, you need to tune it with OVT, and i'm pretty sure that you will not be disappointed.