OVTune accessory handheld

Thank you for purchasing our OVTune Handheld Tablet. Here is our instructions on how to use the tablet, tune your vehicle, download your stock ECU data, upload our maps, and how updates will be performed. Once you recieve your handheld tuner, you will need to connect it to your vehicle to download your stock data, and you will need to update the device. You can do either of them first (download stock vehicle data first, or update first). If you choose to download the stock ECU data first, and you have any connection issues or it does not recognize your ECU (possible with some lexus models) you will need to run the software and update the device. How to update the device : First you will need to download our handheld software manager. You can download it from this link : 14502826122939858170 If you have issues running the software, your anti-virus may be interferring with running the software. Allow it as an exception or temporarily disable your Anti-Virus. We have seen this happen on occassion where your computer will "protect you from installing." This only happens because windows does not recognize the software signature of the manufacture of the software and thinks it may be a virus (it is not). The package contents will consist of 3 things : Handheld tuner. OBDII Cable. USB Cable. To update, follow this procedure > install the software from the link provided above. connect the handheld device via the USB cable to the computer Run the software. The update process will happen AUTOMATICALLY. You do not need to touch anything. This can take SEVERAL MINUTES. A screenshot below shows an example of the update in process. It will search for updates AUTOMATICALLY. CONNECTING THE HANDHELD TO YOUR VEHICLE: Locate your vehicles OBDII Port > This is generally under the drivers steering wheel in the footwell area. The OBDII port looks like this (it may be a different color) Connect the OBDII cable with green end into this port, and the connector into the Handheld. CAREFULLY. Next, turn the vehicle ON, but do NOT START THE ENGINE. On the handheld you will press these buttons : Tuning > Select your vehicle (it will have a list of of vehicles, which should have yours. For example select one of the two available "MX5" options > Press the small red arrow at the bottom (it may also move to the next screen automatically) Follow the prompts to READ YOUR STOCK ECU DATA. THIS CAN TAKE UP TO 20-30 MINUTES ON SOME VEHICLES. Once it has completed, follow the prompts on the handheld which will tell you it has completed and you can turn the vehicle off. This section is complete. Next you will need to send us the stock data from the handheld so we can generate a tune package for you. This step requires using the manager and updater software. (these steps are the same that you would use to download new map updates from us as they come out, or any of our beta or test maps). Disconnect the handheld from the vehicle and connect it to your computer. Run the software. If you haven't updated it, it will update. It will also automatically run the udpater in-case there are any updates. Go to the download section of the software. Follow these steps to download your stock ECU data: Name your stock data as outlined in the picture above. save the file once it prompts you to and then email it to: We will return a tune package file to you as soon as we are able to. If you have a brand new ECU the software or we have never had read before, it can take a day or two for us to bring support to it and have maps prepared. Generally we are able to have a new ECU ready within 72 hours. For some more complex ECUS (like toyota tundra, and Lexus IS) this can take us up to 5 days. Once you receive our email with your tune package, Connect the handheld to your pc and run our software. Then you will go to the "upload data section" Select the file and upload it to the handheld. This may take several minutes. This can take several minutes to complete. Once that is complete, he handheld is ready for you to tune your vehicle. Go back to your vehicle > turn it ON but do NOT start the engine. Select the "tuning" button. It will prompt you if you want to tune the vehicle. hit OK. Select from the available maps on the screen for which you want to upload to the vehicle. For example a "stage 1 91 octane stock parts" for your vehicle. Select that option. Follow the handheld prompts, and allow it to flash the vehicle. THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES AND CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED. Once the handheld has completed flashing the ECU it will prompt you that the tune has been installed successfully and you may start the vehicle. follow the prompts to turn the vehicle off, then after start the vehicle. If the vehicle starts (which it should) the tune has been installed successfully. You may disconnect the handheld tuner and store it. You may use the handheld at any time to flash a different map, flash back to stock, or flash a new updated map which you can download once they are available. If you have any problems with the handheld or are confused with any step in the process please email us at and we will reply promptly. you can check your vehicle information at any time you wish in the software under the device info section like below: you may look through and explore other sections of the software freely at any time, we only cover the parts of the software necessary for installing the tune on your vehicle. no other sections of the softare are used