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i0TECH Tuning Software FAQ Page

Common Questions, Answered: 

  • Which Toyotas are Supported? Can any Toyota be tuned?
  • We support a wide range of toyotas on stock ECU from 2005-2017
  •  I thought Toyota ECUs are "locked" .. is this true?
  • A common myth. Toyota ECUs are not locked, the information on how to obtain the data from the processor was "unavailable" for many years. This made tuning impossible until recently.
  • What Features are in the software?
  • Our software will allow you to load and edit your vehicles ECU ROM file (data) to create a tune to flash to the truck. You can then datalog and use our analyzer to fine tune your vehicle
  • Can I tune multiple vehicles?
  • With our master tuner package you can tune every vehicle from that master tuner chassis package
  • Will you support my vehicle if it is not on the list?
  • We are continually adding more vehicles, contact us for further details.
  • What makes this software worth it?
  • Our software has been in development since late 2015, we took the extra time to understand how the toyota ECU works, we found a way around the complex table and axis structure, and created a solution to allow you to tune your vehicle with confidence.
  • Is there any risk?
  • With any performance modification there is always some risk. On some ECUs if a flash is failed half way through the ECU may become un useable. Luckily the toyota ECU can easily be recovered, and in most cases can be done right from the OBDII port. In the event it cannot, you can send us the ECU and we will recover it for you.
  • Will this void my warranty?
  •  Tuning or adding performance modifications to a vehicle may affect the warranty.
  • Do I require special tools or hardware?
  • Yes, a tactrix OBDII open port cable, and provided software. We have packages that are software only, or complete solutions with hardware.
  • What if I have flashing hardware from another manufacture, like "Kess"?
  •  No problem! You can use our software only solution and use our editor to create your tunes.
  • Is this a tune? Will a tune be provided?
  • This is not a tune, this is tuning software. However we do provide example tunes for platforms we have worked on. This gives you a solid tuning foundation to start on and build your own tune from.


i0TECH software overview - 


Overview -

i0-Editor is a custom software solution for editing and tuning Toyota Stock ECUs for CAN-Bus (2005+) Toyota, Lexus, Scion ECUs and select TCUs. This editor is designed to give accurate tuning control over the stock ECU and stock tables and maps. unlike any other software available, this gives the most accurate tables, axis data, and conversion factors from Toyotas complex table structure to real world tune-able values.

Control -

Toyota stock ECU ROM / Calibration files are significantly complex, with various levels of table structures and multiple redundancies. This software takes the guess work out of the equation, and puts the tables and tuning in your hands. This allows for accurate calibrations and high performance tuning without the guess work.


i0 Software is setup for easy of use and efficient tuning. The main software will allow you to load files that match your license type, and give you a complete list of tables to work from. You can then make your changes and save your tune file, or save as a new tune file.

This software will also allow you to embed your own license and or protection within the ROM file itself, a "digital signature" stored on the ECU for your protection.

For example, Tacoma TRD 4.0L ECU ROM


- User controls

Setup the color scheme, Y and X axis coordination however you like to make tuning easier for you


- Map Data

Our software has map data and helpful information about the table to help you with calibrations. From formula conversions to explanations about how the table functions.


- Map Functions

Multiple mathematical formulas are available to help expedite table tuning.




Datalog Viewer

Our Datalog viewer is designed for simple, easy data interpretation with custom user controls and features to help find the data you need quickly, and sort through unnecessary data. 

You can easily define your datalogger functions to highlight and pinpoint any areas of concern based on PID data in the log file. 

For example this image is showing that any time the RPM is above 5000, it will highlight this data in RED.

Or any Time knock retard is above 0.1* the data will be highlighted in RED. (colors are user controlled)


- Additional Logger Control

You can also use the logger to select certain areas and delete unnecessary data from the log file, and you can set multiple different colors for different rule sets based on your user defined controls. (for example in this log AFR below 11.0 will represent green)




- What's Tune-able?

A small sample of the available tables for tuning are :

Engine RPM Limits

Engine Load tables

Fuel Tables

AFR Demand Tables / Closed Loop Lambda Tables

Ignition Timing and Knock Control

Valve Timing

Boost control (IS200T / 8AR FTS)

and much much more