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OVTune - What We Offer

OrangeVirus Tuning
 OrangeVirus Tuning OVTUNE LLC specializes in ECU Calibrations for Mazdas, Toyotas, Nissan, and various other JDM vehicles that use Hitachi Denso variant ECUS. We have spent years in development of some of the best calibrations to come to the market, using only the best calibration solutions. We spend months and at times years of development, on our own cars before we bring a tune to the market, as we believe that nothing beats hands on experience. 
We have also designed and created custom private solutions including ROM and Definition work for private shops around the world.
We are a  EcuTek Master Tuner for all applications.

We are happy to say we are a leader with one of the worlds most advanced Skyactiv ECU Calibrations, for ALL years 2012-2018.  We have made noteable achievements with Mazdas skyactiv platform including Developing world record holding horsepower calibrations.
Our Remote E-Tuning (via Email) is simple, easy to understand, and the results are clear. We have several vehicles that we have tuned, remotely, from all over the world, From Canada to Australia. It is as simple as doing a few data-logs with our guidance and emailing the data directly to us for hex file revision. What we change is simple, yet the results are drastic. We also provide full support and Pictured instructions to guide you along the way.
We have done back to back testing on dynamometers and on various tracks liike Laguna Seca, GIC China Time Attack Course, and more.
We can Remote tune nearly every Mazda Model from 2004-2018.
The process is pretty easy. For our remote tunes, you connect the supplied cable (Tactrix Openport 2.0) to your OBDII port, load the software on your laptop, connect to the car and upload the tune.
You simply connect the required hardware to your OBDII port and your laptop, with our software suite and provided ROM, you flash your ECU. It is an easy, stream-lined process. You can't hurt your car! In the event of a flash fail, the ECU IS RECOVERABLE! We send you your base map and a full PDF picture instruction to make the process as easy as possible for you.
We will provide you with our mapping via Email. With our guided instructions you flash the ECU through the OBDII port. After the flash finishes you proceed to data-log the car with some street driving. We review the data and dial in your tune, custom to your car.
We do not use maps tuned on other cars for any other vehicle. No vehicle responds the same, so each vehicle is given a custom tailored tune.
Some of the things changed are:
Air Fuel Ratios
Ignition Timing
Variable Valve Timing
Variable Valve Lift (Skyactiv Diesel)
Fuel Rail Pressures (Skyactiv and Skyactiv Diesel)
Rev limiter
Speed Limiter
Check engine light
Rear 02 sensor emulation (with performance exhaust)
Injection phasing (Skyactiv)
Injection timing (Skyactiv)
Airflow Calibration and compensations
Temperature based compensations (Ignition / Fuel )
Boost Pressure (Skyactiv Diesel and MPS MazdaSpeed)
What Does a BAD Tune look like? 
We won't point fingers on who tuned these, But we can say this, this type of tuning is dangerous, and can result in engine damage. Some tuners out there disregard knock feedback, or simply turn the knock sensor off! 
Unfortunately some of the customers We've had to retune had horrible experience with other shops. Even as far as blown engines. Some excuse were like "oh we were tuning you for XX octane" but that wasn't ever specified!. 
Rest assured we don't tune for octane. We tune for the data we see. We don't throw on a blanket tune and hope it works, we slowly customize the tune, safely, to your vehicle and how it responds.
here are some things to look out for. This was pulled from datalogs of a tune from a different shop.
The knock retard is LIMITED to 4.096*, which it hits early on in the High Throttle Pull. It is unknown just how high the knock retard went!
Can you tune my Boosted (turbocharged or Supercharged) Mazda 3?
Absolutely! We were one of the first ones to the door with turbocharging the N/A Mazda 3. We've even managed over 500WHP out of the 2.5L with a big turbo :).
We can tune all 1rst gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen Mazda ECU's for Forced Induction.
We calibrate many things to ensure OEM like drivability, as if it was boosted from the factory!
We Properly calibrate:
MAP Sensor Calibartion (MAP sensor upgrade required for boost)
MAP Sensor based Boost Fueling Control (custom)
Closed / Open Loop Boost Transfer
Proper Engine Load Calculations for boost
Ignition timing
and more.
Here are a few examples of data-logs showing Forced Induction tuning:
We are an extremely busy performance ECU Calibrating company, proper calibrations take time, patience, and review of multiple forms of data. Please understand that we want to provide the best calibrations, and best service to our customers and clients. To ensure that we can provide the best customer service to all of our many customers across the globe, we will only update files outside of our tuning schedule when there is an emergency or necessary expedited request.

Due to the number of tunes we process per week, we reserve the right to deny service, cancel tunes, stop tunes at any time, without refund to any customers who disregard our tuning instructions.
We will not answer emails for questions that are clearly defined in our instructions.
What is Tuning?
Tuning is an art of recalibrating the data in the ECU for Race Applications. We recalibrate the data like ignition timing, fuel delivery, cam timing and much more to bring more power, smoother power, and a safer running vehicle, stock or with modifications.
How is my car tuned?
We use various software suites, along with a OBD-II cable to connect to the ecu and reflash the powertrain control module (ECU) with our custom data files. What's nice about this is it gives complete control and access to what we need to properly retune your ECU.
If I have mods will that affect my tune?
Yes. We do recommend that if you are planning mods to install them prior to the tune, so that we can recalibrate the car to take the full advantage of them.
If I unplug my battery will my tune disappear?
Absolutely not. The tune is "hard written" on the ECU and is there permanently, unless you decide to go back to stock. Which is simple and takes only a few minutes.
What do I need to do this tune?
The only thing you need that is not included in our packages is a modile computer / laptop / tablet with WINDOWS. The software does not work on Mac or virtual windows. It does however run with bootcamp and windows on mac.
Is gasoline octane or quality important?
YES! One thing we cannot stress enough, especially if you have a skyactiv, is the quality and consistency of the gasoline you purchase. We recommend 91 octane for all of our tunes, especially if you have a skyactiv. The important thing is also consistency. The cheapest gas available isn't always the best. We recommend you purchase your gasoline from a station with known good quality gas (most majory stations have good quality gas).
Can you tune my vehicle if I am located at xxxxx?
We can and have tuned vehicles worldwide. If you have access to an internet connection to download our files (around 1-2mb) then yes, we can tune your vehicle.
How does the tuning process work?
It's pretty simple really. After the software is setup you will take a copy of the stock ECUs data. (all of this is covered in our included instructions). You send that to us so we can prepare your tune. Once we send you the tune file, you use the software to upload it to the vehicle. This process takes about 5 minutes.
After that, we need some data-logs to verify a few things, and make some changes to dial the calibration in for your vehicle. You will take a series of driving data for us.
Data logs include: 1 log of the vehicle idling for 1-2 minutes WARM, 1 log of city driving for roughly 5 miles, and 2 datalogs of full throttle, full acceleration from low RPM (around 2000) to the rev limiter. If you have an automatic just let it from the lowest point to the highest before it shifts.
Does my tune need updated if I get a new mod, and what is the cost?
In some cases, depending on the mod your tune does not need to be updated. However if it is an intake system it will need to be. We offer free updates and recalibration for simple mods like this, so there is no charge.
Can you tune alternative fuels like E85?
Yes! We can tune for most fuels.
Which package is right for my car?
We wanted to make this as simple as possible for our customers. We have two options "skyactiv" and "non skyactiv."
If you have a mazda (ANY model) with a skyactiv simply choose our Skyactiv tuner kit. If you have a non skyactiv model, choose our MZR / Non skyactiv tuner kit.
Does this tune raise my RPM limiter or delete the Speed Governor?
Yes we can raise the RPM limiter(s) and speed limiters for any Race or Track application. 
 If I have turbocharged or superchaged my Mazda can you tune it?
Yes. We have successfully tuned both the MZR and Skyactiv engine for boost. The process is a bit different but yes we can.
What if I have the software / hardware already, can you tune me? What If I have been tuned by someone else?
In most cases, yes. If you have been tuned by someone else, we can over-write that tune with ours if you are looking at being tuned by OrangeVirus. If you have the software or hardware already, we have separate packages or tune only packages that can be purchased.
Are your maps "locked" ? Can I edit my tune?
Our maps are locked from any viewing or editing for several reasons. One is that it takes many months, or in the case of skyactivs years, to prepare and create an adequate calibration that is safe and tailored to that specific engine. We have invested our time and money into the process of developing these tunes with several hours on a dynanometer. Because of this our maps are locked from any use.
If you would like to edit your tune or try self tuning, we do offer unlocked "base DIY" tunes. If you are a developer/ tuner we have do offer dealer options.
Do you have dealers?
Yes, we have a few dealers located in several countries including Poland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia. Please email us for specifics and information if you wish to get our tune from someone closer to you. Our Main Location is Hong Kong.
Does the tune affect MPG?
Normally no. With our tune you should be able to get near or better than factory rated MPG. However this all depends on how heavy you are with the pedal. Several customers report lower MPG because it is just a lot funner to floor it after being tuned. MPG should not be affected if you drive nicely =). If you have a skyactiv, we have worked diligently to not only get factory MPG but better than factory MPG. Low throttle and crusing, users have reported over 50MPG with the 2.0L and 46+ with the 2.5L (highway).
How long after I purchase my tune does it take to receive further information?
With each purchase an initial email goes out to the registered email address with further information on getting the process started. The software is then registered AFTER you receive your hardware cable in the mail. Depending on your location, this usually takes 2-5 business days from the day of shipment. Shipments are sent out 1-3 days after purchase. This entirely depends on how long it takes for the payment to clear. In 99% of cases payments are cleared the next day, only under very specific circumstances or international orders does it take a little longer (rarely longer than 3 days).
What am I actually paying for and what am I actually receiving?
You are paying for a package that consists of the tools necessary to tune your vehicle, and our Proprietary tuning files.
The package includes: Our proprietary tuning files, A license to use the software which registers for ONE vehicle, and a OBD-II hardware cable.
Will my vehicle pass emissions?
Our tunes do not affect any emissions related components. No users / customers have ever reported a failed emissions test. However our tunes are designed specifically for off road racing applications ONLY.
If I tune for 91 octane can I use a lower octane fuel?
Unfortunately no. If we tune you for a premium grade fuel you must use only the same or as close as possible to that grade fuel. For example if you are tuned on 91 and only 93 is available, use 93. If you are tuned on 93 and only 91 available in certain area use 91. We DO NOT recommend using lower octanes like 87 or 89 if you are tuned for 91 octane. If, in any emergency you need to put a lower octane, we recommend no lower than 89.
Can Tuning damage my engine?
We have done everything possible to mitigate and minize any chance of failure. We have yet to receive a reported engine failure from our tuning because of this. However we cannot make any gaurantee because we do not know the condition of the vehicle we are tuning. IF we see anything "odd" in the data-logs that may imply something isn't right, we let our customers know right away.
Do you offer a warranty?
Unforuntately because we do not know and cannot confirm the vehicles condition, we do not offer any warranty. We DO however offer a gaurantee of use with our files that it will not damage the PCM. IF USED AS INTENDED. We do not offer any warranty / gaurantee for failure to properly read our instructions or from user damage / neglect.
Can you gaurantee HP gains?
We gaurantee that our tunes have shown gains on a dyno and that these settings are being used and customized for your vehicle. However due to vehicle condition, gasoline quality, and other factors (including for example an incorrect modification that hinders performance) we cannot gaurantee any specific HP gain.
Can I share the tune with my friends? Or share the hardware cable?
The tune cannot be shared as it is locked to that individual vehicle. Nor the software. However the hardware cable can be shared an unlimited amount of times, and we actually recommend it to save on the costs if you have several mazda friends local to you all wanting a tune.
Can you tune me on a lower Octane, for example 87, or for MPG specifically?
Absolutely. Many of our customers aren't too worried about getting extra power and would rather have better, more consistent MPG. We do offer these as well. We don't list it specifically on our website so please email us for more details.
How long does it take to get a reply or update after sending my datalogs or DUMP file ?
Our business hours are Mon-Fri 7AM to 4PM. Usually you will get a reply from any inquiry within 2 days, however sometimes our workload is higher and you may get an update a little later. We try to ensure that nobody has to wait more than (5) business days for any updates. If you have not heard from us within 5 days please send us a second inquiry so we can check the status.
What is a "Bench Flash"?
A bench flash is uploading our tune directly to your ECU. Rather than use the software and do it from home, you send us your ECM out of your vehicle and we upload our Calibration to it directly. The vehicle will be un-drivable during this time, but it doesn't take long. Once we receive it, normally we have it flashed and back in the mail within 24 hours. We do offer over night shipping so that you can receive it even faster.
Can I register the software to more than one device?
Yes you can. The software isn't necessarily locked to one device, but it is locked to ONE vehicle. If you need to register to another device, simply perform the same steps outlined in our instructions and send us your new hardware key.
Can you tune my Skyactiv-D or Mazda Diesel (EU)?
Yes we can! We have tuned quite a few of the skyactiv-D's and MZR-CD. The results are quite impressive. We offer a tuning package for this.
I have a 120HP Skyactiv 2.0L that is limited from factory vs the 165 version. Can you tune mine to a 165+?
Yes in most cases. Mazda limited the power only with the factory calibration (ECU) and this is reversible with our tune. We have managed to fix this issue with almost all EU low power versions, so 99% of the time yes we can. Contact us for specifics if you need further information.





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