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Flash Manager Download and info / FAQ Page
Download Flash Manager here:
Setting up flash manager (video walk through of our entire process from registration to tune flashing)
Flash Manager FAQ
Can I use Flash Manager without having a flash kit?
No, use of our Flash Manager requires our Flash kit and Orange-V3 OBDII cable
Can I register my flash manager software before receiving my kit?
Yes you can. you can begin the registration process immediately after ordering. Just follow our video walk through.
Can I share my flash manager software?
Flash Manager software is registered to you, by name. It cannot be shared.
Can I register Flash Manager on more than one device?
you can register to (3) of your devices, and (1) vehicle.
Does Flash Manager work on Mac/Apple?
Flash Manager and all components work only on Windows. (windows xp or higher)
How do I update Flash Manager?
Simply go to Help > Update. it will automatically check and update to the latest release.
How do I know if I am on the latest release?
Our in software updater (help > Update) will update you seamlessly, no need to even check our site.
What if I cannot find my ECU ID?
ECU IDs, in some cases are labeled by CAL year, NOT vehicle year. So, we always recommend check 1 year newer than your vehicle first. (for example if 2016, check 2017 option as well).
what if my ECU ID is unavailable?
If your ECU ID is unavailable, it needs to be added to our repository database. you will need to dump the ECU data with our flash software. Click "Read" while connected to the vehicle (this can take up to 20 minutes), then send the file to titled : NEW ECU - (year, make, model)
What if I have an older version of flash manager?
You can delete any previous versions, beta, test, etc versions and install only this, our final release version.

Troubleshooting -
I have flash manager downloaded, and install all software, but the flash utility will not show?
Normally this happens from Anti-viruses and windows defender blocking and deleting our software. You must either set an exception or disable your anti virus. (our software is virus free).
I get a VC Runtime error when trying to install Flash Manager?
You need this windows C update
My system ID has Changed, or my Flash Manager - Flashing Software Buttons are greyed out?
First, run flash manager as "Run as administrator" (right click icon, select Run as Admin)
If that does not work, please contact us.
I have a dongle (older version kit, discontinued) Do I use this flash manager?
Yes, you use this version of flash manager. you simply select the dongle flash software (PCMFlash Utility) *your dongle must be plugged into your computer*
Which flashing software do I use? (Dongle user)
PCMFlash Utility from the Tuning Menu in Flash Manager