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Tacoma 3.5L C38 Supercharger Kit Stage 2
Tacoma 3.5L C38 Supercharger Kit Stage 2

Tacoma 3.5L C38 Supercharger Kit Stage 2

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 Tacoma 3.5L 2016-2019 C38 Rotrex Supercharger kit.

Stage 2 version kit

C38-81 Supercharger 

- Water to Air Intercooler system with heat exchanger and pump or optional front mounted Air to Air system.

~ 6.5 psi system

- Designed to use with stock fuel system (D4-S Twin injection)

- 91+ octane required with our Supercharger flash calibration (tune kit is not included).

- Works with stock intake box

- Larger 500cc PNP injectors

- Smaller pulley 


C38-81 supercharger The Rotrex C38 is the most powerful centrifugal supercharger of the Rotrex standard product range. Countless number of large scale applications can be boosted by this very efficient and silent unit which supplies
air flow up to 0.63 kg/s. Impeller speeds of up to 90,000 rpm are achieved through the patented high-speed planetary traction drive which combines small size with exceptional performance and durability. The very low noise and vibration characteristic as well as the high efficiency of these superchargers set the industry standard for what is achievable.