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Scion tC 2011+ Handheld Tuner

OrangeVirus Tuning - Scion tC Touch Screen Handheld Flash Tuner 2011-2016
OrangeVirus Tuning is proud to announce we are releasing a handheld Flash Tuner for the Scion tC 2AR-FE 2.5L.
After many months of ECU disassembly development, sorting through code, map testing and dyno tuning, we are now ready to release our OVT- Handheld Flash tuner for the Scion tC.
Our Handheld Flash Tool will come with our tC OV OTS Maps which can modify:
- Ignition Timing Table modification
- Fuel maps and Fuel Targets
- Sensor Calibrations
- Transmission Torque output control (auto)
- Throttle torque control
- Throttle linear transition (throttle lag)
- Rev limiter increase (optional)
- Camshaft VVT tuning
and more
will come with up to 5 loadable tunes including:
- 91 octane stock parts
- 93 octane stock parts
-91/93 octane with full bolt ons (intake, header, exhaust)
OVT FBO 2AR E85 7400 RPM
We have seen big gains with tunin the scion tC 2AZ and 2AR, and are happy to announce our release o the 2AR handheld tuner (2AZ coming soon? Maybe :) ).
With our 91 octane reflash you can expect a gain of 15-20 HP +
(with full bolt ons these gains are higher)
***Premium fuel is required with our reflash for 91 ***
We will offer our standard tune updates for no additional charge. Which means that if you're running our map "1.02" and we, for example, fine tune an additional setting that makes the car shift smoother, or faster, and have an updated "1.03".. you can download this map, flash it to your car, for no additional charge.
- Will hold up to 5 tunes + stock, plug in, download tune updates, flash your tune and go.
Our tablets will also come with a program you can install on your PC that will allow you to manage it for updates. We will have updated tune files that can be downloaded directly and loaded on your handheld.
For example if you're running our "91 octane N/A Bolt On Reflash 1.02" and we have an updated version of this tune in the future, you can download the 1.03 tune update, load it onto the tablet, upload the newer tune and go. Which means you will always have access to our latest developments, and future tunes.
We will be working several updates into our tC Tuning platform, all of which will be able to be downloaded via our handheld program manager for no extra charge.
That means things we are working on like:
Launch control (manual transmission)
Boost Mapping (stock ECU boost tuning)
Race-Mode Maps (more info TBD)
Flex Fuel
and more
We will be releasing an introductionary, LIMITED amount pre-order on our tC Tuners.
Date of release will be February 10th 2017
Please see this link for our intro pre-order handheld pricing:
limited pre-order release will begin Jan 30th
Handheld Tuner Promo (for lexus)
Scion tC 2AR 7400 RPM Rev Limiter




































  • How to i go about purchasing the scion tc flash tuner

    Jeffery A McCormack
  • So where can I purchase one of these?

  • I want this tune how can I get one?

    Raul gomez
  • Same here wanted to to get the handheld for the AR-FE heard great things about this product would love to use it too.

  • I bought a used hand held tuner can you guys please unmarried the tuner and when are you guys getting more in stock

    Ben Johnson

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