Flash Manager 1.3.0 Released With New logger

Flash Manager Release 1.3.0 
Download here:
NOTE - you must first uninstall any previous version of flash manager to install and use this one. (Control Panel > add / remove programs)
Changes Made:
- improved functionality
- Dongle version for tunes has been moved to a menu option 
- New Version of our datalogging program is included
- high speed logger that works with our OBDII V3 Flash cables
- various PIDs and SAE PIDs
- more PIDS and modes are being included in the next release
- records and saves data to CSV files



  • I recently did the 87 performance flash. I noticed a difference right away, but have noticed that the acceleration is shaky and seems to not be perfectly linear when in higher gears ( 3rd, 4th, etc). Will this eventually smooth out, or would the 87 base be better. I just want my truck to drive like a normal automatic when I press the gas.

    Matthew scott
  • what is the most currant tune for my 2016 Tacoma, auto with 5.29 gears? I am running 1.05 92 octane , I am towing a 5000 pound trailer .my invoice number is 4335

    dale gray
  • Any idea about unlock the safety mood on 3nd gen Tacoma RPM.

    when RPM reach to 6000 RPM the engine power goes down till RPM reach 3000 RPM again.

    if any one have idea where can I tune the ECU to solve this problem.

    mahmoud abuhalawa

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