Toyota ECU Reflash Coming soon

Toyota ECU Reflash Coming soon

OrangeVirus Tuning has been hard at work behind the scenes Cracking the newer model Toyota Denso ECUs..and we are proud to announce that we are almost ready for the first ever ECU reflash tuning option to be released!
Our unfinished listed of cars that are supported so far:
2007-2015 Scion TC
2008-2012 Scion xD
2008+ Scion xB
2007-2012 Toyota Camry (including 3.5L V6)
2013+ Toyota Camry
2009+ Toyota Matrix (Vibe)
2006+ Toyota Rav4
2007+ Lexus ES350 IS350 IS250 (some IS, all ES)
2008+ Lexus ISF
2007+ Toyota Yaris
and that list is growing.
So how did we do it? First we took a look at the hardware, with some special tools and KTAG we were able to successfully pull the BIN file from the ECU. But what does that mean? 
That means we have access to the code and data the ECU uses for the stock calibration. A "sneak peak" inside these ECUs.
We were surprised to find that the ECU is 32 bit architecture but use mostly 8 bit table data. But that is just the start.
We are taking our time disassembling the code and data one byte at a time. So far we have found several 3D maps and 2D maps along with 1D controls and limiters. We will have more information along with our first ever ECU calibration and tune release very soon :). 
Toyota Camry ECU:
Happy tuning folks


  • Juan

    2012 Camry V6 2grfe. Updates ?

  • Alex Vazquez

    Hey, do you guys have it available for a 2013 Toyota Corolla S 1.8L if not do you guys have plans to make one I would be very interested in knowing. Thank you

  • Abdul

    What time will be available all tuning software? Please let us know if possible!

  • Darien A Charlton

    Will there be a reflash for the Toyota Camry Gen 5 (2002-2006)?

  • omar ferrer

    Anything for a 2010 toyota camry 2.5 liter shares same engine with rav4 and scion tc2?

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