Orangevirus Tuning FAQ

What Does a BAD Tune look like?

What Does a BAD tune look like?

Can you tune my Boosted (turbocharged or Supercharged) Mazda 3?

Can you tune my Boosted (turbocharged or Supercharged) Mazda 3?


Some of the things changed are:

General Questions

What is Tuning?

How is my car tuned?

What do I need to do this tune?

How does the tuning process work?

How long does this process usually take?

Which package is right for my car?

What is a "Bench Flash"?

If I have mods will that affect my tune?

If I unplug my battery will my tune disappear?

Is gasoline octane or quality important?

Can you tune my vehicle if I am located at xxxxx?

Does my tune need updated if I get a new mod, and what is the cost?

Can you tune alternative fuels like E85?

Will the dealer be able to detect my flash tune?

How long after I purchase my tune does it take to receive further information?

What am I actually paying for and what am I actually receiving?

Will my vehicle pass emissions?

How much power can I expect from a tune?

Can Tuning damage my engine?

Does the tune affect MPG?

Do you offer a warranty?

Can you gaurantee HP gains?

Can I share the tune with my friends? Or share the hardware cable?

Do you have dealers?

Do you offer self-tuning packages?

Can I register the software to more than one device?

Technical Questions

What if I have a check engine light?

Are your maps "locked" ? Can I edit my tune?

If I get a PCM update from my dealer is my tune lost?

Does this tune raise my RPM limiter or delete the Speed Governor?

What if I have the software / hardware already, can you tune me? What If I have been tuned by someone else?

If I tune for 91 octane can I use a lower octane fuel?

Do you provide "OTS" files for someone who does not want to do the in-depth version of the tune?

Can you tune me on a lower Octane, for example 87, or for MPG specifically?

How long does it take to get a reply or update after sending my datalogs or DUMP file ?

Is my vehicle supported?

Can you tune my Skyactiv-D or Mazda Diesel (EU)?

If I have turbocharged or superchaged my Mazda can you tune it?

I have a 120HP Skyactiv 2.0L that is limited from factory vs the 165 version. Can you tune mine to a 165+?